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About Us

GogoPogo (GP) enables individuals and institutions to launch hassle-free online merchandise stores with vendor integration across 30+ countries. In short, anyone can launch an online store and go global from day 1, bypassing the default hassles of running an ecommerce business, such as maintaining inventory, order management, logistics, and customer service, etc.

For example, Dimpi is an Assamese YouTuber with over 10 lakh active subscribers, mostly Assamese people staying not just in India, but across the globe. She wishes to launch an online merchandise store bearing content or designs themed around Assam or captions in the Assamese language. Dimpi wants to capitalize on her existing audience by selling merchandise to them. With GogoPogo, she can instantly launch a global online merch store.

Once a customer places an order, it is auto-fulfilled by the integrated partners from the destination country. For instance, if a customer from the US places an order, the order gets fulfilled by the partner vendor from the US. Instead of shipping it from India and forwarding it to local suppliers in the destination country, it is dispatched directly from the supplier to the customer. The hassles of inventory management, customer care, etc. are taken care of by GogoPogo and its partners.